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Amest Staple Pin Remover

AED 5.00
AMEST STAPLER PIN REMOVER Exceptional Quality, superb functionality AM – 105 , Made in Korea

DELI Staples Remover

AED 2.25
Deli E0231 Staple Remover, Assorted Color Lock design for portability Anti-corrosion chrome plated surface Metal remover for extra durability Assorted

GENMES Staple Pin Remover

AED 3.00
Genmes Staple Pin Remover, Black color, 506B

Kangaro Staples Remover SR45

AED 4.50
  • Plastic cover with finger grip.
  • Suitable for staple - No.10,24/6,26/6,B8.
  • Nickel chrome plated steel jaws for removing staples.
  • Available with and without a lock.
  • Removes staples as well as board pins

Manufacturer: The Kangaro Group

Salalah Stationery L.L.C

Kw-trio 508b Staple Remover

Product description Product Features : Brand : kw trio Type : Staple Remover Color : Silver/Black Details : Space-saving and

Novus B80 Staple Pin Remover

The attractively priced staple remover that no drawer should be without Suitable for all standard staples and the small No.10

Novus B85 Staple Pin Remover

The practical standard staple remover with highly polished, chrome-plated surface Particularly easy to use and also suitable for smaller staples,